ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)-Taylor Swift/Brendon Urie

歌手 : Taylor Swift / Brendon Urie
語種 : 英語
流派 : Pop
時長 : 03:13


Hi!Tay!This song is really amazing! I love you!soooo much!Your music has accompanied me for so many years. When I was depressed and abandoned by my friends, your songs and your stories gave me courage. Let me face everything bravely and find my true heart and persevere in my true self.

You're the best TAYLOR!I will also try my best to be the best ME!Thanks Brendon Urie to make ME! better!That's so sweet , making me feel so happy!I love you TAYLOR, love ME!I burst into tears!I love you for eight years!Hope you can see me plz!!!

My dear Taylor! I hope you can read my comment !When I heard the first sentence of 《Me!》,I burst into tears! This is the sixth year that I love you! I really hope you are getting better and better! And I hope you can come to China! We have been waiting for you here! Love You Forever!!!??

Thank you for accompanying me in my youth. Your singing encouraged me to walk out of the low ebb of life. Thank you for teaching me that even if someone denigrates me, I will prove myself with my own strength

霉霉回歸首單,這首《me》仙女單無疑了!經過1989流行的初試,reputation輿論的洗禮,霉霉涅槃重生,選擇做最美好,最真實的自己-那個身著長裙,抱著吉他,眼底瀲滟著漣漪的女孩。封面迷蒙夢幻而甜蜜,最近霉霉在ins和推特更新的照片,無論是復活節霉霉和弟弟玩復活節游戲,還是po出的橄欖樹照片,都充滿仙氣。taylor swift,未來無期,未來可期,請繼續加油,it's me

Taylor Swift 從剛出道時的爛漫少女,一片白紙到歷經諸多Drama黑化,最后以迪斯尼童話夢幻公主般全身散發迷人自信的形象回歸。由蛇化蝶,她一如既往地強調著在愛情里“保持自我”的重要性。


everything備好,只等霉霉驚艷歸來。她早在rep時期就發過很多相關的水彩畫動態。“TS6的飛機”準備起飛,她已經為此準備好了自己的妝容與服飾。不得不說,這個女人的伏筆能力很強。wb還以為她婚訊要來了這幾年,霉霉變化很大,從一個清純的女孩到一個成熟的女人,她經歷了很多,變得愈加堅強,破繭成蝶,黑暗轉為夢幻。她接受自己的脂肪,現在的她身體健康依舊快樂做些她喜歡的事不就很好嗎?什么少了自信和銳氣,她本人還不夠嗎?rep破的記錄你覺得還少嗎?Love story認識的這個女孩,在rep專看到的她的變化,反正我很難受。不管怎樣,她過得開心就好,就算火星撞地球,也永遠支持這個女人,up!

Hey,Taylor!Chinese fans miss you so much, I hope you can hold more concerts in China, we want to spend more time with you! We will always love you, bless you, support you and miss you!??????????????????????????

啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!霉女新單《ME!》全球同步上線了!Taylor創作這首歌還與Panic! At The Disco主唱Brendon Urie合作!從前段時間發布4.26新單消息開始過后的每一天都期盼著4.26的到來!霉霉的歌每天都在陪伴著我,I`m a Taylor Swift`s zealot!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!

I can't wait to see you! !!!Tay, Chinese fans are so into you . You are the one who accompanied me.You are the one who gives me strength with your music and sounds. Wish you happiness!You are the ONLY one of you!I absolutly won't find another girl like youPlz come to China to hold a concert!!!!

哇,泰勒入駐QQ音樂了啦!大家快去看啊!看她主頁的訪客才幾千 應該是最近才入駐的,還有她的唯一一條動態,泰勒還是她那個樣子,就好像是獲格萊美獎舉行巡演時的那個樣子—青春永駐,美麗動人啦,為了霉霉瘋狂打call啊!

Hello, Taylor. Because of you, I met him on February 14th, 2015. Because of you, we're love will come in time. Because of you, we dated on October 28, 2017. That day, he sang me《gorgeous》. I will take this life with him love you. I, Taylor, mom, was his three favorite women. Me too.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift看著你不斷走向一個個巔峰你在某種程度上是一種信仰細水長流的愛你是一切美好你是夏日里的一抹清涼一起吹吹溫柔的涼風吧歐美樂壇從不缺乏新鮮血液你是唯一 你是摯愛l love you ,three thousand times.

Really thrilledly cried out in my school dining hall!!!!!!I just watched the first broadcasting on YouTube omgomgomg!!! I just couldn't control the heart beating!!!! I almost shed my tear my tears in front of everyone!! I can sing this song now already!!!! Plz see me! I've been Swifty for 10 yrs

ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)

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